Book #10 – Reckoning Day

With Dracula vanquished, but not gone, the scene is set for his Second Coming.  The Maglaks are leaving Romania to fulfil the prophecy of almost 500 years ago.  On their side they have Luke Kelly, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland and supremely powerful Ipsissimus; Father Michael Dunne, a Catholic priest who has gone over to the Dark Side to chase his dream of immortality; The Shadow, a ruthless and psychotic Hell’s Angel and gang leader operating out of Los Angeles; and Kronos, the world’s deadliest assassin.  Together, they stand as one to ensure Dracula returns to orchestrate the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Andrei stands tall against them, with his carefully chosen team.  They head for the distant shores ofIreland, where they will join with the IRA to try and prevent the Resurrection of Dracula, and the beginning of the darkest days for mankind, as foretold by the old gypsy, Valeria.


Available from June 2015