For a manThe Dracula Chronicles is a series of historical novels of Gothic horror; political intrigue; religious corruption; war; tragedy; and deep romance. This message today is to focus on the last of those. Mixed in with all the other aspects of the novels listed above, romance plays a big part in this series with all the main characters involved in deep, emotional relationships at some time.

“The beauty of a woman is that no two are the same. They are all different. It follows then that to be successful as a lover, you cannot make love to any two in the same way” – The Path To Decay

“Exercise care with what it is you do when you hold my heart in your hands. For it is my love that makes you special. When it is gone, you will soon know it and you will be special no more.” – The Gates Of Babylon.

“Romance is not the giving of flowers, or any other gift. It is a way of life, a way of being. Romance is every thought, gesture, and deed Romance Ison your part to make another feel special, even if only for a moment. For a moment can last a lifetime in the heart of the recipient, be that the one you love, or a complete stranger.” – The Gates Of Babylon.

“For a man, few things can compare to the act of a woman surrendering herself and giving herself completely to him. It follows then that he should find it soul-destroying when she takes that privilege away.” – Seasons In The Abyss.

“He knew what he had found here, a precious treasure that had remained hidden away for so long. To the right man, she could give more happiness and fulfilment than any amount of gold, or gems. Just by holding her in his arms, he knew this. He had the key to her heart in his hands. All he had to do was unlock her, and he would enjoy the most wondrous chest of delights. He knew it and he knew, too, that nothing would ever compensate him should he lose her.” – Bound By Blood