After a gruelling last week I wanted to do something fun and light-hearted for my blog today. I have decided to post my 5 favourite on-screen vampires. There are so many to choose from and everyone will no doubt have their favourites, but here are mine.

5. Bill Paxton as SeverenSeveren

At #5 I begin with movie legend, Bill Paxton. In 1987 he starred in one of my favourite vampire movies, Near Dark. It surprises me that you don’t hear much about this movie these days, but I was pleased to see it high on the Forbes list of best vampire movies of all time. I like my vampires to be bad, and in this flick Paxton played Severen, who is as bad as they come. Great movie and a great performance from a truly great actor.

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Thomas J GarzaBeing that this blog is dedicated primarily to the horror genre and especially so to the vampire phenomenon, it followed that I might sometimes consult with real experts on the subject. I have a friend, Anthony Hogg, who hosts a fantastic blog and some groups on social media networks. He has a vast wealth of knowledge on vampires, both in folklore and in books and movies. I often find myself staggered by the depth of this knowledge and have asked for his kind permission to share some of his posts and articles for the readers of my blog, who may not otherwise have seen them. Of course, being the guy that he is, he said yes.

The first post I want to share here is an interview Anthony conducted with another leading expert of the genre, Thomas J. Garza, who lectures about vampires at the University of Texas in Austin. From here on it is Anthony speaking…..

I sent a request for an interview and after he agreed, sent a long a bunch of questions. To his credit, he didn’t shy away from the hard stuff, as his responses reveal. Without further ado, heeeeeeeere’s Garza!

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