I feature here on the very excellent blog, GALERICULATE, where I am interviewed by my good buddy and fellow writer, John Dolan. Here is what we had to say to each other.

Today I’ll be abusing (well, maybe not so much) Shane O’Neill, author of strong, adult vampire books with lashings of historical research. I first got to know Shane last year and I’ve finally been worn down by all his begging and agreed to give him an interview. So here it is.

JD  Hi Shane, glad you could make the long trip out to Thailand as part of your launch tour. Feeling jet-lagged?

Dracula Author Shane KP O'NeillSO  Hi John, I’ve been looking forward to this a long time. I’m feeling okay, thanks. My first ever journey in 
the air was from London to Wellington and I was okay then so I should be okay after a beer. I’ve always wanted to come here and couldn’t resist your invitation.

JD  OK, now before we talk about your writing, tell everyone a little about yourself. And don’t mention books yet or I’ll have to kill you.

SO  You will, huh? You forget I have some very powerful friends on the dark side. If I was to divulge too much about myself, then I might have to kill you too. Okay well, I’m Irish originally, but now living in Norway where I followed my heart and the woman I loved. I’m a twice-failed husband and father of seven daughters and one son. I have many interests. I love sport, literature and a deep interest in history, which forms the basis of all I write.

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