countdracula-roderickanscombeThis was a difficult book to review. I was obviously drawn to the title of this book, but confess it has spent quite a few years on my book shelf gathering dust. There are many pluses and minuses to this piece of work, so I’ll work through them the best I can.

Firstly, at face value this was an exciting-looking Gothic horror novel, and I’m sure it was meant to look as such. Gothic it certainly is, which is a plus for me, but a horror it is not. That was an immediate disappointment that became apparent after only an hour or two of reading.

In spite of that, and this book not being what I anticipated it to be, I read on. I loved the 19th Century setting of this book and especially the archaic writing style of Mr Anscombe. That was the real highlight of this work and he has a skill that cannot be disputed.

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