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Nothing makes me sadder than the loss of a creative genius, when a great talent shall add nothing further to a great body of work. Last week on June 7th, we lost one of the great icons of cinema, Sir Christopher Lee. 


As Dracula, he fascinated and terrified me at the same time. He brought a presence to the big screen that I have rarely seen emulated. Though those great movies are dated in comparison to that which is produced in the modern era, he brought an anger and intensity to his depiction of Dracula that no one else has since produced. In doing this, he inspired me to embark on my dream and create The Dracula Chronicles and my own unique version of Dracula the vampire.

His passing is desperately sad news for me, with Lee being one of the people I would have liked most to meet in my lifetime. But the legacy he leaves us will transcend death. To me, he is a true immortal.

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Christopher Lee 2There are few names in popular culture today as famous as that of Dracula. I would go as far as to say that in the western world, the name conjures up an image of one description or another for anyone who hears it, anyone above the age of twelve at least. For me personally, as a youngster anyway and even now to an extent, I see the face of Christopher Lee, who will always enjoy immortality as the on-screen icon. Of course, the name Dracula is not limited only to western culture.

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After a gruelling last week I wanted to do something fun and light-hearted for my blog today. I have decided to post my 5 favourite on-screen vampires. There are so many to choose from and everyone will no doubt have their favourites, but here are mine.

5. Bill Paxton as SeverenSeveren

At #5 I begin with movie legend, Bill Paxton. In 1987 he starred in one of my favourite vampire movies, Near Dark. It surprises me that you don’t hear much about this movie these days, but I was pleased to see it high on the Forbes list of best vampire movies of all time. I like my vampires to be bad, and in this flick Paxton played Severen, who is as bad as they come. Great movie and a great performance from a truly great actor.

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