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This week, I’m going to list what I think are the 5 greatest horror movies of all time, or the 5 that had the greatest effect on me of the many hundreds that I have watched.

The Evil Dead5 – The Evil Dead

It’s sad to admit this, but I was already a teenager, though barely, when this movie came out. Although a comedy at times, this remains a classic horror story set on the frequently-used premise used in the 1980’s of teenagers getting cut up or murdered in the woods. The difference here is that it wasn’t a psychopath doing the killing, but an inherent evil released by a book. Any movie that has a “Book of the Dead” is always going to be fun and scary anyway…. But none were as good as this one. The scene at the beginning where one of the girls is attacked and killed by the vegetation is legendary. I recall this movie being banned when it as released on video. That just added to the appeal for us teens. We loved it and I’m pretty sure we all still do.

Eden Lake4 – Eden Lake

This is the most recent of the movies in my top 5. Has anyone seen it? I have to say the scene at the end completely turned my stomach and only one other movie I’ve ever watched has done that. Therefore, this one will always stay with me. Essentially, it’s about a couple who escape to a quiet location for a romantic weekend alone. To their misfortune, they are disturbed by a gang of obnoxious youths who begin to terrorise them. When the guy, Steve, confronts them he is subjected to the most brutal and horrifying attack, instigated by the gang’s leader, a right little **** named Brett. It results in Steve’s death and Jenny running for her life as they brutally hunt her down. The final scene was a real shocker and the guy playing Brett’s father, an English actor named Shaun Dooley, was truly sinister. I have to say he is the same in every part I’ve seen him play, one scary individual for sure. This is so worth a look.

Salem's Lot3 – Salem’s Lot

No list would ever be complete with at least one vampire movie. Of course, most would agree that Interview With The Vampire is arguably the best of vampire movies, but it isn’t scary…Salem’s Lot is. I admit I was only around 13 years old when I saw this first, and it totally scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t sleep properly for ages and had nightmares for just as long. This was a great movie with some truly great actors, led by the brilliant James Mason. The scene in this movie where David Soul made a makeshift crucifix and said the 23rd Psalm as Danny Glick’s mother came back to life in the mortuary was absolutely terrifying, and one of the best of all time.

2 – The Exorcist

The ExorcistThis movie could easily stake a claim as the greatest horror movie ever and few could argue the point. It is the story of the young Regan, possessed by a quite nasty demon, and a priest’s lone battle to save her. A true horror classic. I have to say this movie has probably scared me the most of any. I guess being an Irish Catholic, I have a thing about demonic possession – it really strikes a chord with me. This movie was also blessed with a very talented cast, led by the inimitable Max Von Sydow. Old Max also starred in another favourite of mine, Needful Things.

1 – The Omen

For me, the ultimate horror movie is The Omen. It is the story of a sinister plot to place the anti-Christ into the home of the American ambassador in Rome, soon to become the American ambassador to Great Britain. The OmenOf course, there are those who are aware of the heinous scheme and the beauty of this movie is how the evil (most likely from the hand of Lucifer himself) that protects Damien, destroys all who try to kill him. The murders are brutal, even though you know they’re coming, and terrifying and the climax in this story is fantastic and nail-biting. Added to that, was the most brilliant music score of any horror movie that I know of, written by the great Jerry Goldsmith. The way the atmosphere builds as the first Latin chants begin is electrifying. I also had a personal interest in this as my mother told me from a very young age I was related to Gregory Peck. His performance was as immaculate as always, and supported by a great cast, a great director and a great musical score. This is the ultimate in horror for me. The 2nd movie in the series, Omen 2, was also a classic horror with the greatest of twists and good enough to make anyone’s top 10 of all time.

There have been so many great horror movie over the years. Other favourites of mine were Pet Sematary, Needful Things, The Shining, The Amityville Horror, Saw, Jeepers Creepers, The Fog, Night Of The Living Dead, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, Paranormal Activity and The Ring among so many others. Sadly, I could only choose five for this list. If the choice was yours, what would you pick for your top 5?


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  • Olga Núñez Miret April 2, 2014

    Not sure I’ve thought about a list of my favourite horror movies, although I like yours. I saw ‘Eden Lake’ not long ago, not having heard anything about it, and I agree with you. It’s relentless and the ending is not just your typical fright but truly terrifying. Being Spanish I quite like ‘REC’ and I love some of the all time classics, although I don’t necessarily find them very scary. I love horror films.


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