Since I began my journey as a writer I have given many interviews and featured on many different blogs.  There has been one in particular that I have wanted to appear on and my wish was realised last week when my friend, Emma Edwards, stepped in for Wiz and interviewed me at the Cauldron.  Of course, Wiz added his finishing touches to make it my favourite interview to date.  Here’s what happened…..

You have published two volumes of The Dracula Chronicles so far, what is next for the series?

Yes I began with Bound By Blood which I broke into Volume 1 & 2 and released together.  This is not the beginning of the series, but the first one where readers will see Dracula the vampire.  I felt it necessary to begin with the vampire first.  In the summer I intend to release the very first book in the series, The Path To Decay.This goes back to the night of Dracula’s birth and of course, the birth of his brother, Andrei; sired by the same father but born in very different circumstances.

Read the full interview here at The Wizards Cauldron

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