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With Bound By Blood finally coming out this weekend past, I felt it a fitting time to express my thoughts and feelings on the book, as it is now and while writing it.  Owing to its size I have had to split it into two volumes, but both are available as I write, so the wait is over.

I had so much fun writing this book.  I wrote the first chapters back in November 1992, but didn’t touch it again until September 2006.  With a complete re-write of the original and an extra seventy chapters of the new, Bound By Blood, is a finished product at last.

I have opted to begin the series with this book, Chronicle III.  This is where my reader will see Dracula as a vampire for the first time.  A dear friend suggested to me that my readers probably wouldn’t want to wait until a third book before they saw a vampire.  He was correct of course.  Even though the first two books are laced with some stomach-churning horror, I will not release Chronicle I: The Gates Of Babylon at least until the summer in 2013.  I promise it is worth waiting for though.

To have the opportunity to cleverly manipulate famous historical figures and events to suit my purpose is so inspiring for someone like me.  I use the context of the story to expose the shortfalls of the Catholic Church in that period, the weaknesses of that institution and the corruption of the men at the helm.  As a Catholic myself this was a little challenging, but exciting nevertheless.

The story allows me to play with such amazing characters as:

  • Henry VIII
  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Thomas Wolsey
  • Elizabeth I
  • Emperor Charles V
  • Francois I of France
  • Pope Alexander VI aka Rodrigo Borgia
  • Cesare Borgia
  • Giovanni Borgia
  • Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Pope Pius III
  • Pope Paul V
  • Pope Sixtus IV
  • Pope Clement VII and
  • Martin Luther    among others

In all areas of the book I have striven to use real people where possible.  Even though some people may find how I have used some of my characters as somewhat controversial, I am sure you will still find them very engaging.  In every scenario, and in whatever setting I have placed my real historic characters, I have striven to portray them as real people with real emotions and feelings and I have tried to show them in their true light.

But it is the fictional character, Jean Pelou, who steals the show.  I needed someone special to see out the closing sequence of chapters to the story, and chose him.  He is inspired by two of my favourite movie characters.  The first came from Sam Neill’s Brian de Bois-Guilbert in Ivanhoe and Hugh Jackmans’s Van Helsing.  I tried to mould those two images I had in my mind into one to create Pelou.  He certainly turns out to be the hero of the piece.

This is where Dracula’s journey through the ages begins.  His descent into darkness is complete.  He is at one with Lucifer.  With Dracula and the other members of his entourage I have endeavoured to add some new dimensions to the vampire genre and indeed, to take the vampire to another level.  This was no easy task in light of the production line of great vampire movies and books over the last two decades.  I am confident I achieve this despite that fact.  My Dracula is certainly like no other that has gone before.  At least I like to think so.

Bound By Blood is not just a vampire or Gothic horror novel.  It is also an historical adventure, a tale of paranormal fantasy, and a romantic tragedy laced with erotica.  I am sure there is something there to attract readers of every genre.

Best wishes

Shane KP O’Neill

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