A selection of interviews with Shane O’Neill himself


To coincide with the launch of THE PATH TO DECAY, on Friday I gave an interview on the I Love Vampire Novels website. You can see it here.

ILVN. Firstly, tell us about your book/series.

Shane: My series is The Dracula Chronicles. It is a sprawling, expansive new concept that combines the real historical Vlad Dracula and an entirely new version of Dracula the vampire, also based on the real man.

The books are historical novels of Gothic horror; religious corruption; political intrigue; war; tragedy; paranormal fantasy; and deep romance. The premise goes all the way back to Creation, and the First Great War of the Angels, and the concept built around Lucifer trying to ascend again to Heaven through the destruction of the institution of the Catholic Church. As per the truce he agreed with God, Lucifer can contest the soul of any living being, as long as he does not interfere with their free will. Should he control more souls than God at any time, then he can ascend again to Heaven and signal the end for mankind.

I’m currently releasing the books in two arcs. Books #1 to #5 are the Vlad Dracula arc, and set during his real life from 1431 to 1476. This arc re-creates the world of Vlad Dracula in its entirety, with all the great historical characters of that period, all the political machinations, and many of the great battles fought. There are no vampires here, but it is dark and Gothic, with plenty of angels and demons, and a new vision of Hell.

Books #6 to #10 are the vampire, Bound By Blood arc. Here, you will meet Dracula the vampire, as created by Lucifer. He begins life as the instrument to execute Lucifer’s great plan and bring down the Catholic Church, in the hope he can turn man against God and win the battle for souls. In this arc, I bring in a return of the dark, evil vampire. The books encompass many of the greats in history: the Borgias; the Tudors; Machiavelli; Martin Luther; as well as many of the great kings, emperors, and popes of the day.

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Hi everyone, I’m just letting you know my radio interview on Joey Aquilino’s show from August 8, 2013 is now available to listen to on my YouTube Channel

You won’t get to hear me speak in the first 5 minutes, but the interview was a good one.



One interview last year I neglected to post was the one put to me by Angie Azur. Angie is a wonderful lady from California in the USA who, at the time, was an intern for the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. She posed some excellent questions.

What is the most interesting fact you’ve learned while researching Dracula?

I’ve had to do vast amounts of historical research as my first two books run from the 15th to the 17th centuries and I’m a stickler for fine detail and getting things right. It’s hard to put my finger on any one fact from my research. I find some of the legends and folklore I’ve incorporated into my story, i.e facts that haven’t had proper historical clarification, the most interesting. I just love being able to play with so many important figures from history and manipulating what we know of their lives to suit my premise. As for Dracula himself, his whole life is of interest to me. What a fascinating man he was.
You can find the rest of the interview on her blog - Writing Teazurs


On October 8th, 2013 I was interviewed by Ashley Fontainne on her radio show. The lovely Ashley is an accomplished Independent author and the host of an excellent radio show for writers. Here is what we had to say to each other…

Forgive me if I sound a little quiet at the beginning of the interview. Ashley is in the USA and it was 5am for me when we spoke.

The Wizard’s Cauldron Interviews Shane KP O’Neill

Today, I returned to my absolute favourite blog for a second visit, The Wizard’s Cauldron, and was interviewed by the great Wiz himself. Here’s a snippet of what we had to say to each other in our chat, Resurrecting Vlad Dracula.

I read your prequel “Lamb of God” and strongly recommend it. Where can readers find this prequel?
I am exclusive to Amazon UK and Amazon US. You can find all I have written there.

How historically accurate is the detail in this prequel. Are you a fan of history?
I obviously put my own spin on things and use myth and folklore as well as true historical fact. But even those sources most probably have come from eye witnesses to the events back in the day, so there may well be a lot of truth in them too. I do strive though for authenticity in my writing and try to remain as true to history as I can. The real subtlety of my writing is how I blend my story with real historical events and, in some cases, how I have filled holes in many historical texts that have not explained how some events took their course.

My influences in this prequel and, indeed, in the whole series are more from the Kabbalah than the Bible as most seem to think.

You covers are excellent. What is your message to Indie authors about covers?
Your cover is the first thing a potential reader will see. That makes it your strongest selling tool. If people like your cover, they will read your book blurb. My first two book covers followed the 90’s trend and are too detailed. Many people think this has hurt my cause, and I will be changing the covers for those in due course when I produce newer editions of those works.

My last three covers have all been produced by Blue Harvest Creative, in whom I have a lot of trust, and with whom I have a great relationship. The best is still to come on that front.

Head on over to The Wizards Cauldron to read the full interview.

Galericulate Interview – Talk to the Hat: Shane O’Neill

I feature here on the very excellent blog, GALERICULATE, where I am interviewed by my good buddy and fellow writer, John Dolan. Here is what we had to say to each other.

Today I’ll be abusing (well, maybe not so much) Shane O’Neill, author of strong, adult vampire books with lashings of historical research. I first got to know Shane last year and I’ve finally been worn down by all his begging and agreed to give him an interview. So here it is.

JD  Hi Shane, glad you could make the long trip out to Thailand as part of your launch tour. Feeling jet-lagged?

Dracula Author Shane KP O'NeillSO  Hi John, I’ve been looking forward to this a long time. I’m feeling okay, thanks. My first ever journey in 
the air was from London to Wellington and I was okay then so I should be okay after a beer. I’ve always wanted to come here and couldn’t resist your invitation.

JD  OK, now before we talk about your writing, tell everyone a little about yourself. And don’t mention books yet or I’ll have to kill you.

SO  You will, huh? You forget I have some very powerful friends on the dark side. If I was to divulge too much about myself, then I might have to kill you too. Okay well, I’m Irish originally, but now living in Norway where I followed my heart and the woman I loved. I’m a twice-failed husband and father of seven daughters and one son. I have many interests. I love sport, literature and a deep interest in history, which forms the basis of all I write.

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Christoph Fischer Interview with Shane O’Neill

On Tuesday, November 12th I was interviewed by the very talented writer, Christoph Fischer. He is the writer of three great novels based in pre-WW2 Europe, an area of great interest to me. He is also an accomplished and prolific reviewer, and has reviewed a lot of my work. It was a real privilege then for me to be posed this set of questions by him.

Tell us a little about yourself as a writer and a person.

The writer has been in me for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I wrote poems and short stories. It is what I have always wanted to be, though I have taken my time with my project. I wrote the first parts of it all the way back in 1984, about 50k words that will appear in one of the much later books. Then in 1992, I started the project proper. It took me thirteen years to write Reckoning Day and a first draft that is over 350k words long. I immediately followed it with Bound By Blood and The Gates Of Babylon, which I have since broken up into separate books owing to the length of the originals. I try and write in a way that engages the reader on every page. I want my readers to see everything as though they are standing there in the middle of it all. Many people have told me they do indeed feel this when they’re reading my work. Also, I want my reader to feel everything that each of my characters are feeling, and I go to great pains to achieve this.
As a man, I am someone who is devoted to those he loves, though circumstances in my life have often kept me apart from my loved ones. I am dedicated in the things I do, passionate over the things I care about and I try always to consider the feelings of others, whatever the situation.

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Interview on BlogTalk Radio

On August 8, 2013 I finally had my interview on Joey Aquilino’s show on BlogTalk Radio.

After many cancellations, we finally managed to get together and talk. You can listen to the entire interview here on



Since I began my journey as a writer I have given many interviews and featured on many different blogs.  There has been one in particular that I have wanted to appear on and my wish was realised last week when my friend, Emma Edwards, stepped in for Wiz and interviewed me at the Cauldron.  Of course, Wiz added his finishing touches to make it my favourite interview to date.  Here’s what happened…..

You have published two volumes of The Dracula Chronicles so far, what is next for the series?

Yes I began with Bound By Blood which I broke into Volume 1 & 2 and released together.  This is not the beginning of the series, but the first one where readers will see Dracula the vampire.  I felt it necessary to begin with the vampire first.  In the summer I intend to release the very first book in the series, The Path To Decay.This goes back to the night of Dracula’s birth and of course, the birth of his brother, Andrei; sired by the same father but born in very different circumstances.

Read the full interview here at The Wizards Cauldron

Fang-tastic Books Interview with Shane KP O Neill 26.11.2012

On November 26th 2012, I was featured on the Fang-tastic Books blog and interviewed by Roxanne Rhoads. For those who missed it, I have posted the full interview below.


Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

My name is Shane O’Neill. I am originally from Ireland, but live now in Norway.  My project is The Dracula Chronicles, an epic new angle on the Dracula legend.  Remembering back to when I was a teenager, my friends and I were always reading and passing around books written in the horror genre.  This would include works by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert, John Saul, Shaun Hutson etc.  It followed then that this was the genre I wanted to write in as well.  The horror genre has always captured people’s imagination, be it in book form or on the big screen.  Girls like to be scared and have a reason to lean into their guys.  Their guys like the chance to be there to protect and comfort them, as well as being scared themselves.  There will always be a market and a great interest in this genre, and I love it.

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Fang-tastic Books interview with Shane KP O'Neill

Interview and Spotlight on The Seraphine Muse Blog 26.11.12

On November 26th 2012, I was featured on The Seraphine Muse blog and interviewed by KaSonndra Leigh. I have posted the interview below.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I’ve been interested in and loved Dracula for as long as I can remember. I used to baby-sit my kid sisters at quite a young age and with my parents out I got to see quite a few of the old Hammer horror movies, and especially those with Christopher Lee as Dracula. And then, at a later age, I discovered the real historical Vlad Dracula.  I always felt it had been my destiny to write, and therefore I wanted to write about Dracula.  But I wanted to do something grandiose with him and epic in scale.  I hope I will achieve that with The Dracula Chronicles series by the time I am finished with it.

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The Seraphine Muse

Interview on Livia Ellis Blog 24.10.2012

This is the first interview I ever did for The Dracula Chronicles on Livia Ellis’ blog on October 24th 2012. As far as I know it has been removed from there, but I have pulled it up from my archives.

“I can say after having read his forthcoming Bound By Blood, that his attention to historical accuracy and detail is no less than remarkable.” – Livia Ellis

1. Did you always want to be an author? If not, what else would you have done?

Yes, from a very early age. From the time I was 8 or 9 years old I felt it was my destiny to become a famous writer. I started writing my first stories and poems around that age. I’ve taken my time to try and make my dreams a reality, but after many years of hard work I’m ready to give it a go. I’m my own worst critic and wasn’t prepared to take that step until I was sure my work was as good as it can be. I never wanted to do anything else in life other than be a writer.

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Interview on Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews

Shane is interviewed on Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews blog.

At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. By the age of 8 or 9 I was certain of it. I was most prolific in my teenage years writing books of 50k-80k words that I would read to my closest friends. Unfortunately, I had a tendency to lend them out and not get them back. In those days, of course, a typewriter was a luxury item so I had to write by hand – yes I am that old. So yes, when my friends wanted to be football stars and fighter pilots, I wanted to be a writer.

Read the rest on Laurie’s blog.

Interview on Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts & Reviews Interview with Shane

Shane is Ally Thomas’ featured Author

Ally Thomas is the author of the Vampire from Hell series, and Shane is the featured author on her blog.

What were the challenges (research, psychological and logistical) in bringing it to life?

Well, as a lover of history my biggest fear was to make an error with my historical content and be pulled up on it by an expert in the field. Therefore, I have had to be meticulous with my preparation to ensure I got it right. And then to maintain historical accuracy around my premise threw a few obstacles my way that I had to negotiate. I also wanted to create a fresh Dracula legend that lovers of vampire lore would like and admire and that was uppermost in my mind as I put this project together.

Read the rest on Ally Thomas’ blog

Ally Thomas Interview with Shane O Neill

Victoria Embers Interviews Shane O Neill

Victoria Embers, author of the My Vampire Lover series interviews Shane O Neill about his Dracula Chronicle series.

How did you come up with the title?

I needed a title that was relevant to a vampire novel. And because it is Lucifer that makes Dracula immortal, binding them together through the act, I thought Bound By Blood would be perfect.

Read the rest of the interview on Victoria’s blog.

Victoria was also last months guest author. Be sure to read the Interview if you missed it.

Victoria Embers Interviews Shane O Neill

Interview on Lisa Corelli’s Magic Of Words Blog

Short and concise interview with Shane O Neill on Lisa Corelli’s Magic of Words Blog.

What kind of advice would you give to young people who want to become writers?

I would say several things. Firstly, believe in yourself always. Do not let the negativity and jealousy of others deter you from your goals and your belief in yourself as a writer. You will encounter such people, even from those you call close friends. Do not let it sway you. Dismiss it for what it is and continue on your journey.

I would also advise to never rush your book or the publication of it, especially if you are going it alone. Even if it takes you years, make sure your work is as good as it can possibly be and follow all the correct processes to ensure that is the case. And be professional always.

Read the rest on the Magic of Words blog

Magic of Words Interview with Shane O Neill