Today, I returned to my absolute favourite blog for a second visit, The Wizard’s Cauldron, and was interviewed by the great Wiz himself. Here’s a snippet of what we had to say to each other in our chat, Resurrecting Vlad Dracula.

I read your prequel “Lamb of God” and strongly recommend it. Where can readers find this prequel?
I am exclusive to Amazon UK and Amazon US. You can find all I have written there.

How historically accurate is the detail in this prequel. Are you a fan of history?
I obviously put my own spin on things and use myth and folklore as well as true historical fact. But even those sources most probably have come from eye witnesses to the events back in the day, so there may well be a lot of truth in them too. I do strive though for authenticity in my writing and try to remain as true to history as I can. The real subtlety of my writing is how I blend my story with real historical events and, in some cases, how I have filled holes in many historical texts that have not explained how some events took their course.

My influences in this prequel and, indeed, in the whole series are more from the Kabbalah than the Bible as most seem to think.

You covers are excellent. What is your message to Indie authors about covers?
Your cover is the first thing a potential reader will see. That makes it your strongest selling tool. If people like your cover, they will read your book blurb. My first two book covers followed the 90’s trend and are too detailed. Many people think this has hurt my cause, and I will be changing the covers for those in due course when I produce newer editions of those works.

My last three covers have all been produced by Blue Harvest Creative, in whom I have a lot of trust, and with whom I have a great relationship. The best is still to come on that front.

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