Hi everyone.

This week, I’m going to list what I think are the 5 greatest horror movies of all time, or the 5 that had the greatest effect on me of the many hundreds that I have watched.

The Evil Dead5 – The Evil Dead

It’s sad to admit this, but I was already a teenager, though barely, when this movie came out. Although a comedy at times, this remains a classic horror story set on the frequently-used premise used in the 1980’s of teenagers getting cut up or murdered in the woods. The difference here is that it wasn’t a psychopath doing the killing, but an inherent evil released by a book. Any movie that has a “Book of the Dead” is always going to be fun and scary anyway…. But none were as good as this one. The scene at the beginning where one of the girls is attacked and killed by the vegetation is legendary. I recall this movie being banned when it as released on video. That just added to the appeal for us teens. We loved it and I’m pretty sure we all still do.

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