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Nothing makes me sadder than the loss of a creative genius, when a great talent shall add nothing further to a great body of work. Last week on June 7th, we lost one of the great icons of cinema, Sir Christopher Lee. 


As Dracula, he fascinated and terrified me at the same time. He brought a presence to the big screen that I have rarely seen emulated. Though those great movies are dated in comparison to that which is produced in the modern era, he brought an anger and intensity to his depiction of Dracula that no one else has since produced. In doing this, he inspired me to embark on my dream and create The Dracula Chronicles and my own unique version of Dracula the vampire.

His passing is desperately sad news for me, with Lee being one of the people I would have liked most to meet in my lifetime. But the legacy he leaves us will transcend death. To me, he is a true immortal.

He achieved so many things in his life and had talent in abundance. He was a veteran of World War 2, serving in the RAF and being tasked with hunting Nazi war criminals after the war. He starred in movies that grossed $8.3 billion at the box office, and had a great voice too, both speaking and singing. In the video below, he can be seen performing at the age of 88. RIP Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, a genius of our times.


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  • Ian Thompson June 20, 2015

    Absolutely agree with what you said. A terrific actor, the greatest Dracula of them all (especially when opposite the greatest Van Helsing, his friend Peter Cushing) and a true gentleman.
    One of his many films which I also enjoy is The Devil Rides Out, in which he got to play a great hero for once and did a marvelous job.

  • Shane O'Neill June 24, 2015

    Thanks, Ian. Incidentally, The Devil Rides Out was the first horror novel I ever read. I loved Dennis Wheatley.


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