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Popular high school senior, Daniel Townsend, is dead – victim of a suspicious car crash. As classmates Marc and Angela investigate, a chance discovery pinpoints Daniel at a crumbling antebellum mansion – the old Jonas Barloff estate

The house looks uninhabitable. Haunted. Evil.

While inspecting the Barloff family cemetery, Marc notices a towering grave marker with a perplexing inscription. What does the epitaph mean, and who is the old man claiming to be Jonas Barloff? To solve the mystery, Marc and Angela must comb through a phantom infested antebellum mansion. Witness a sordid grave exhumation. Attend a wicked, hair-raising séance. And learn the true identity of Jonas Barloff. 

Will any of these pieces of the puzzle help them lay the mystery of Daniel’s death to rest once and for all? Oh, no! Not hardly! Not until they come face-to-face with an evil no one could possibly imagine. Even if they live to tell the story, no one will believe them. Not in a million years.


This was a good old-fashioned horror story with a very unexpected twist at the beginning of the book, which set the scene for a dark and suspenseful story. I had this on my kindle for quite some time, but read it in two sittings once I began reading.

I hate to give spoilers of any description, so I won’t talk about the story itself. For me, this book had the same American small town atmosphere as most good Stephen King tomes. I loved the way Dean built the suspense and the story around the old Barloff house. It sounds a little like the old Barlowe house, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

One of the parts I enjoyed the most were the segments of the book that took us back to the American Civil War, and the way it tied in with the story in the modern day. This was especially important in taking the story to its crescendo, and that didn’t disappoint. I don’t get through too many books in one day, but I did with this one. It was an excellent story that prompts me to think Calvin Dean should pen more of the same. I hope he does. Pick this one up. It is well worth the money.

Calvin DeanThe author – Calvin Dean.

Author of “The Epitaph of Jonas Barloff”, “A Door Unlocked” and “The Rookie Umpire”, a short story, award winning Writer/Producer/Director/Editor Calvin Dean likes to stick his knows in the business of America’s Fortune 100 companies. When he isn’t producing corporate video presentations, he’s at the gym or working furiously at the next supernatural mystery, horror or children’s book. Calvin lives with his family in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee.

Visit him at or on Twitter @jcalvindean.

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