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The Cult Of MeIt is author of the month time and my featured author in the horror genre for the month of April is Michael Brookes from the UK.  Michael has penned a very interesting-looking chiller called The Cult Of Me and a collection of horror short stories titled The Odd Quartet.

Michael Brookes:

By day I work as a Producer for one of the leading UK independent game developers. I currently live in probably the flattest place in the world in the east of England, although over the years I have lived all over the country. I’ve always been interested in writing it is only recently that I’ve really pushed myself to finish a complete book. That effort has now seen the light of day and I’m looking forward to starting the next book. I’m also an avid reader with Ian M Banks and Terry Pratchett being amongst my favourite modern authors. My favourite story of all time is Paradise Lost, a hard read, but a sublime story.

MichaelBrookes1. Hi, Michael, and welcome to The Dracula Chronicle’s Blog. Can you tell us who you are and why you’ve chosen this genre?

Michael: Hi, my name is Michael Brookes, I’m an author and a video game developer and to be honest I think horror chose me.

2. Yes I can identify with that. So what is it about the horror genre that captivates you?

Michael: The great thing about horror is that it covers all aspects of life. Almost any story can be told with the horror lens. Looking at the classic horror authors (old and new) they all bring something new.

A good horror story plays upon fear. Fear is one of the primal emotions. Even creatures without reason know fear.

3. That is so true. What are you hoping then to bring to the genre that we haven’t seen before?

Michael: I like to find new angles to approach things, to find ways to twist the normal perception, although most of all, I want to tell interesting stories.

4. Well The Cult Of Me has certainly piqued my interest. Do you like any other horror writers? Have any of them influenced you?

Michael: Yes, I’m a big fan of the classics like Lovecraft and Poe. Lovecraft’s vision of a dread universe sparks something with me. I’m also a fan of more contemporary authors; Clive Barker stands out for me as one of the great modern horror writers.

5. Do you have a favourite horror novel or movie?

Michael: Clive Barker’s Books of Blood are an excellent collection of short stories. For film I’ll stick with the Clive Barker theme and go for the first Hellraiser film.

An Odd Quartet6. I have to confess I did enjoy the Hellraiser movie, though I haven’t read Clive Barker at all. Naughty me. Tell us something about your books: The Cult Of Me and The Odd Quartet.

Michael: The Cult of Me is the first book in the Third Path Trilogy. It tells the story of a nameless man who grows up with the ability to invade and control people’s minds. He uses this ability to torment the people around him. He sees it as a game, a sport in which he is the only player. Eventually he tires of the game and decides to enact a bloody last stand. He surrenders himself to the authorities and while in prison he discovers he isn’t as unique as he thought.

An Odd Quartet is four short stories. The first is a ghost story about the Yellow Lady. We then meet Death who contemplates his existence at the end of the universe. A hostage rescue mission puts a special forces team into a situation they were not trained for. And the final story is about a young demon taking his possession exam.

7. Horror shorts hold a real fascination for me, as I write them too. I’m always keen to see what new ideas other writers can come up with. Those four sound really interesting to me. So, if you were meeting someone for the very first time, what would you say to pique their interest in your work?

Michael: I like to bring something different to my stories, the nature of good and evil and why the universe is the way it is. Lofty thoughts, but telling a good story is my main goal.

8. Quite right too. Okay this is a question I put to everyone I interview. Do you see a connection with the horror genre and erotica or do you feel this is restricted to just vampires? Is that a road you’re looking to travel down at any time?

Michael: Erotica has some similarities to horror; it speaks to something primal in all of us. While I’m not interested in writing erotica as a genre, if the story needs it, I will include it.

9. If a movie was to be made from your books, who would you want to play your main characters on-screen if you had the power to choose?

Michael: I think Gabriel Byrne would do his usual excellent job with the Friar. The others I’m not so sure about.

10. What an awesome choice. In one of my later Chronicles, Reckoning Day, I modelled one of my characters, Father Michael Dunne on him. Is this possibly Stigmata having a profound effect on us? Okay, Michael, in closing.. Is there anything you would like to say to us or share before you go?

Michael: I’d like to thank you for featuring me on your blog and to thank my readers, both current and yet to be.

You can find Michael Brookes online at:

Blog: http://thecultofme.blogspot.co.uk/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheCultofMe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCultofMe

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