Featured Author: Alexandra Anthony

Alexandra AnthonyIt’s the third Monday of the month and my featured author for May is my friend, Alexandra Anthony. Alexandra is the writer of two current vampire series: My Vampire Lover and The Dark Hart Chronicles.  She lives in the American Midwest with her husband and daughter.


1. Alexandra, can you tell us who you are and why you’ve chosen this genre?

Alex: I’m a self-published author from the Midwest.  I love all things vampire and paranormal.  When I’m not writing, I home school my nine year-old daughter.

2. What is it about vampires that you find so captivating?

Alex: The fact that they are immortal creatures, frozen in time so to speak.  I also find them to be very erotic, sexual creatures.  I suppose that’s one reason I find them captivating.

Fated by Alexandra Anthony3. I feel the same way about them. So what are you hoping to bring to the genre that we haven’t seen before?

Alex: I’m not sure I can bring anything new to the vampire romance genre, but my vampires are day walkers.  They could be in line behind you at the bank or could pass you on the street and you’d never know.  The fact that they work among the living adds a fear factor that we don’t think about.

4. Do you like any other vampire/horror writers?  Have any of them influenced you?

Alex: Anne Rice was one of the first authors I read that drew me into the world of vampires and witches.  I’d say she’s one of my biggest influences.

5. And do you have a favourite vampire novel or movie?

Alex: I’d go with The Vampire Lestat as my favourite vampire novel.  As for my favourite movie, I’m going to go with Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Gary Oldman.

6. Oh yes, a true classic for sure.  Tell us something about your books.

Alex: My books are paranormal, erotic romance books.  They’re very erotic and the scenes are very sexual and graphic, but not in a crass way.  In both of my series, the vampires and their love interests are committed to one another and they have deep emotional attachments to each other.  I joke that they aren’t for the faint of heart!

7. If you were meeting someone for the very first time, what would you say to pique their interest in your work?

Alex: If you are tired of fade to black vampire romances, give my book a shot.  My books are romance, with a bite.

Tempted by Alexandra Anthony8. I know already there is a good deal of erotica in your work. Do you feel it important to mix vampires and erotica? 

Alex: I found the need necessary.  To me, vampires are sexual, erotic creatures.  Why gloss over the erotic aspect when it can add to the story?  It adds another dimension to the story.

9. If a movie was to be made from your books, who would you choose to play your main characters on-screen if you had the power to choose?

Alex: In The Vampire Destiny Series, I’d go with Alexander Skarsgaard as Stefan.  Josephine would be Isla Fischer.  In my newest series, I don’t have one person in mind to play Nick.  When I created him, I imagined a mixture of David Boreanaz and Brandon Flowers and he’s my Nick.  Savannah would be someone like Rachel McAdams.

10. Rachel McAdams.. schwing schwing. I often wished I was Ryan Gosling, I have to say. Is there anything you would like to say to us or share before you go?

Alex: Just a huge thank you for allowing me to share my books on your site-and a huge thank you to my readers and fans.



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