THE PATH TO DECAYSince the turn of the year, I have split The Dracula Chronicles into two clear arcs, to mark the two different story lines as they occur.

  • Books 1-5 now form the Vlad Dracula arc.
  • Books 6-10 form the Bound By Blood arc.

Therefore, the Vlad Dracula arc follows the story of the real historical Dracula and Lucifer’s manipulation of him. The Bound By Blood arc follows the story of Dracula the vampire on his journey through the ages to destroy the institution of the Catholic Church.
Today, I am delighted to reveal the cover for Book #2 The Path To Decay, which will be available on Amazon from March 20th.

It is 1447. The great Vlad Dracul has fallen in battle. The 16 year-old Vlad Dracula is all alone in the world. With the sultan, Murad II, as his sponsor, he begins his first bid to win the throne that was his father’s.

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