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As his moment of death looms Dracula suffers the ultimate betrayal. The champion of the Catholic faith in Eastern Europe realises it is Lucifer who is coming to claim him. However, Lucifer does not want his soul. Instead he bites into Dracula’s neck and then offers his own blood to drink. Dracula suffers his mortal death. But he re-awakens. Immortalised with Lucifer’s blood coursing through his veins, the two are bound by blood for eternity. But Lucifer has groomed him for this day. He lays out the task before him. Dracula is to destroy the institution of that which he has championed for so long. By bringing down the Catholic Church he can undo the Crucifixion and turn man against God once more. If he succeeds then Lucifer will ascend again to Heaven and signal the end for all mankind.

5* The way the author blends dark graphic horror with moments of wondrously soft sensitivity and sensuousness, and fiction with true historical fact is truly a stroke of genius and the mark of a truly gifted writer. If there is a better vampire/horror book out there then I have yet to read it. A truly remarkable piece of work.

5* Very good, extremely good—Shit, your work was fantastic Mr. O’Neill. If you ever need a fellow author to write a forward to your next book or chronicles—give me a ring. I’d be honored!

5* A thrilling and intense read, THE DRACULA CHRONICLES: BOUND BY BLOOD: VOLUME ONE is both a horror thriller and a tale of religious power plays. Looking forward to the next installment.

5* Overall, this is an engrossing and entertaining book that will delight readers who love historical fiction, vampires or a combination of both. I was impressed by its scope and I highly recommend it. Moreover, I look forward to reading the next chronicles.

5* “Dracula Chronicles” stands apart from the thousands of others such as the prequel novels inspired by original gothic classic “Dracula” and other novels that are included in “vampire erotica” or “vampire soap opera” drifts.

5* Originally I thought this book would turn out to be something like “The Historian” with it’s factual or close to thereof accounts of times past, but it was SO MUCH BETTER. Whereas The Historian took me months to plod along through, I easily finished this book in a matter of days for lack of ability to put it down.

5* I read the story with very little knowledge of the subject so I particularly appreciated the historical authenticity which he gives to a household name. The play of good vs. evil is irresistible.

5* But there’s little doubt that some readers who do miss the old days when vampires were truly intimidating and evil will kick their heels to read the rest of this story after the first book is finished.

5* It’s so great to have new vampire books to read. I don’t think I’ve seen any better than these stories. Now I have to wait for the next one. Not too long I hope.

5* Wow, I so loved this book. Real vampires, real horror, a dark Gothic story, and sad too. I’m going to tell everyone I know about The Dracula Chronicles.

5* This book was all I hoped it would be. It introduces us to the darkest and most chilling of premises, the ultimate battle of good versus evil, and this is a real treatise of evil. The way the author blends fiction with real historic events is breathtakingly good, and the use of real historic figures such as Machiavelli and Martin Luther a true stroke of genius. It’s so good it makes you wonder if this is truly fiction, or fact.

4.5* Putting aside my disdain for horror, I will give you an honest review of this author’s work. I really enjoyed the character created by Mr. O’Neill, and to be honest, I was impressed to find that I felt for Dracula and all his trials. Especially when faced with the truth of his destiny. The attention to historical detail is remarkable, and the author takes you on a wonderfully detailed voyage through time as Dracula travels the Earth.
To Mr. O’Neill I say:
Well done. You are a skilled writer and wonderful story teller. You created a very realistic character in Dracula, and had me feeling for him in spite of who he is. It is refreshing to step away from the Hollywood vampire genre (which I avoid like the plague) and get a look into the world you have opened up for us. There are many people who will be thrilled to dive into the adventure you have created. I was intrigued and eager to know what lay ahead. The twists in plot were refreshing and unexpected.


5* Author Shane KP O’Neill’s novel encompasses all of my favorite niches: folklore, historical, facts, myths, etc. A probable and possible piece of memorable literature that, though different in every way, mirrors, in feeling, that of the infamous Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Yet the story the author creates, here, of the Dracula legend is definitely darker, more descriptively captivating, and truly more plausible.

5* Shane K.P. O’Neill’s story is as rich in historical context as it is in vampire lore. Setting Dracula up as a pivotal figure in the Protestant Reformation, even going so far as to have him encounter Martin Luther, is a stroke of genius. The relationship between vampirism and the church is explored, as is the connection between vampirism and sexuality… and thankfully in a very un-TWILIGHT way. To Dracula and his brethren, sex, like their need for blood, is merely a baser instinct that must be satisfied.

5* Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, of the House of Drăculești, becomes a pawn in the age-old battle between good and evil. In his attempt to return to Heaven and dethrone God, the fallen angel Lucifer sets his plans into motion. He grants Vlad immortal life as a vampire and commands the Voivode of Wallachia to wage war against the Catholic Church no matter what the cost. Author Shane KP O’Neill blends facts, folklore and myth and goes beyond them in creating a darker and more plausible account of the Dracula legend.

5* Just because here we are talking about a series of novels which create difference with its own treat of Dracula tale, the 15th century history, religious and mythological episodes, yet embellished with reformist and unconventional ideas. You readers must be prepared for an overdose of violent and sexual imagery and blood baths that you used to watch only on the silver screen too. While opting for a kind of narration which keeps visuality and lengthy dialogues in the foreground, it would not be wrong to claim that O’Neill greatly facilitates the job for those who like to fantasize while reading. The first book “Bound by Blood” which is deepening with a complicated fiction is the first piece of a project that is substantially artsy and scary but self-assured at the same time.

5* The author provides a NEW spin on the Dracula tale that even a hard core enthusiast like myself could accept because of how well written it was and how well the story progressed. There are so many elements and characters in the plot line which, along with the new perspective, make this a truly deep and delightful read.

5* While this is not a story to be read on a carefree day at the beach, it is a piece of literature which is riveting and stays with the reader long after the read. There is violence and horror in the book, but the reader never gets the sense that the characters’ acts were done to titillate the reader, but rather were pertinent to the story. This series will be a “must read” for anyone interested in the story of Dracula and “real” vampires. Nice job, sir!

5* I love to read, so I try to pick up a book whenever I can. Fiction and specifically horror, are my true loves. So when I picked up Bound by Blood Volume 1, I was hoping for a good read. I didn’t get that. I got a great read. Writing about Dracula’s origins in all it’s bloody glory is no small feat, and author Shane O’Neill embraces this with wonderful imagery and brutal honesty. Through all the great historical descriptions, the book moves at a good pace and the author gets you interested in the characters, especially Vlad himself. Dracula has not seemed this fresh in years, and I highly recommend you, the reader to embrace your inner vampire and read this book. I can’t wait to read Volume 2. Well done.

5* I’ve read many books and watched a lot of action films and the way Shane writes his scenes, I can surely see the fighting in motion, each slash, each stab, with guts galore. Not only does this book have gooey goriness, it also has an actual story surrounding a family that is bent on revenge upon their enemies, upon themselves and anybody else that slighted them.

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