The Concept

The idea behind Shane O’Neill’s Dracula Chronicles

In the beginning…

God, with His eldest and favourite son, Lucifer, embarks on the creation of the universe and then the earth. They fill it with the continents and the great oceans, and design a myriad of life forms to finish off their great work.

Jealousy consumes three of Lucifer’s brothers. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael resent his relationship with God and conspire to bring it to an end. While he wanders the earth with Moloch, glorying in his work, they draw their plans against him.

Michael and his brothers convince God that His work is incomplete. They suggest that He create man and mould him in His own image.

The idea excites God and, in Lucifer’s absence, He creates man. He places him in Eden and from his rib He creates woman for a companion. His sons rejoice and agree that now His work is finally complete. To their delight, God agrees and falls in love with His new creation. He gives man a status higher than any other creature and the most special gift of all, the power of free will.

The divide…

Lucifer returns and sees that his father now favours man even over him. He reacts violently to God’s new creation and swears to destroy all mankind. A ferocious battle ensues between Lucifer and his brothers that causes a great divide in Heaven. The angels take sides and kill each other relentlessly in the bitter struggle.

God despairs at Lucifer’s actions. Yet, because of His love for His favourite son, He refuses to intervene and vanquish Lucifer from Heaven.

Lucifer identifies woman as man’s weakness and introduces her to mortal sin. She succumbs to his trickery and makes man a party to her fall from grace. In a desperate act of rage, God evicts man from Eden, and her with him. He turns on Lucifer and, although not destroying him, casts him out of Heaven and condemns him to the bowels of the earth, where he is gone from His sight.

Fallen angels…

The battle rages on between the angels while Lucifer regroups and builds a rival kingdom below the surface of the earth. In the meantime, man spreads out and multiplies over many generations. Lucifer re-surfaces and leads his legions of fallen angels against his brothers.

Faced with the choice of destroying him or the extinction of the angels, God agrees to a truce. To end the war, He grudgingly accepts Lucifer’s demand that they must contest the soul of every man.

Through His love for man, God bestowed on him the power of free will and the ability to choose his own path. On those terms, Lucifer accepts that he cannot physically interfere in the life of any man or woman, but that he can use any of his powers of suggestion and persuasion to influence their minds. Ultimately, the final choice for his destiny would be man’s and man’s alone. Yet the destiny of the human race hangs in the balance. If at any time Lucifer controls more souls than God, then he can return again to Heaven and cast God and his brothers out, and signal the end for all mankind.

God hands Michael greater powers and appoints him the Protector of Heaven, as His warrior Archangel.

Lucifer uses his great cunning to turn man away from God. Seeing how easily man turns his back on Him, God destroys the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in anger. He sends His prophets one after another to bring man back to the path of righteousness, but it is only delaying the inevitable. In one last attempt to save mankind and prevent Lucifer’s return to Heaven, God gives to the world His son made man, Jesus Christ.

In giving His life on the Cross, Jesus wipes away man’s sins. In one deft stroke, he undoes all of Lucifer’s hard work. The Crucifixion stands as God’s great victory over him. Before departing the earth, Jesus gives Peter the authority to build His church. The Catholic Church breathes life on that very day in Jerusalem to stand as a constant reminder of God’s great victory.

Lucifer’s Great Plan…

In the aftermath of the Battle of Varna in 1444, Lucifer meets Michael on the desolate, ravaged battlefield. Michael reminds him of the great victory over him and of how the Catholic Church is representative of that. It gives Lucifer the determination to put into practice an idea he has harboured for over a millennium. He realises that if he can bring down the institution of the Catholic Church, then he can turn man against God once more.

Lucifer seeks the perfect candidate to carry out this immense task. Though he has monitored many over the ravages of time, his need to find that special one has finally come to pass. He needs someone born into a world of strife; who knows only great loss or betrayal from those he loves; who is strong and unyielding and who can fight against insurmountable odds. And one who can rise up above other men in a bitter world to take what is his.

The religious strife in the world following the Crusades in the Holy Land gives him the opportunity he has waited for. With Saladin’s ultimate victory in Palestine, the spread of Islam continues on. The Ottoman Empire is born and presses on the borders of the eastern European states. It is here Lucifer knows he will find the candidate he seeks.

And now he looks for this most special of men whom he can manipulate into leading the cause of Christianity against the mighty Ottoman Turk. This same man that he hopes will wade in blood for the righteous cause. He knows that in doing this his candidate will suffer the ultimate betrayal in his hour of death when he expects the angels to come and claim him. For it is only then that Lucifer can put his dastardly plan to work and conduct the fiendish experiment, where he creates a monster that will bring down the last great icon of God.

He chooses the twelve-year-old Vlad Dracula, whose progress he has followed from birth. Young Vlad is the son of the great Vlad Dracul, voivode of Wallachia. Imprisoned by the Turkish sultan, Murad II, Lucifer goes to the boy in a guise of a woman to set his plan in motion….