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Claire C. Riley Feature

Claire-C.-RileyIt is author of the month time and my featured author for September is Claire C. Riley from Manchester in the UK. Claire veers over to the dark side with one vampire novel to date and now a zombie novel to follow it up with.


Claire C Riley, is a mother first, a wife second, but a writer at heart.

Her first novel, Limerence, is a dark paranormal romance for ages 17+ Claire likes to break boundaries with her writing, incorporating an old school style of horror and romance. Sexy and dark. (Think Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but for the 21st century!) Claire’s current novel is Odium. It is a dystopian post-apocalyptic zombie novel called, Odium, and it focuses on zombies, survival and how it would change us

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Interview on BlogTalk Radio

On August 8, 2013 I finally had my interview on Joey Aquilino’s show on BlogTalk Radio.

After many cancellations, we finally managed to get together and talk. You can listen to the entire interview here on


The Boo Hag

As I mentioned once before on my blog, I have the great pleasure of knowing a group of people who have an immense knowledge of everything to do with vampires. That is not only vampires in books and movies, but also those that are found in myth and legend in an array of countries all over the world. I love my association with these people and the many things I have learned from them. One of them is a guy from Indiana in the USA named Kyle German. He writes a fantastic blog called the Demon Hunter’s Compendium. A couple of weeks ago he published a great article about a creature believed to be a vampire in legends that originated in the area of South Carolina. With his very kind permission I am going to post it for all to read.

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Irina Argo - Vampire EliteHi folks. I have made an interesting choice for my author of the month this time out, as I have selected new vampire author, Irina Argo. However, Irina isn’t just a lovely lady, but she is actually two lovely ladies rolled into one.

Bio: Irina Argo is the pen name of a writing team composed of two close friends Irina and Jo-An.

Irina’s life is intense: by day she’s a clinical psychologist at a juvenile correctional facility, where she deals with the extremes of human behaviour on a daily basis; at night, she cares for her husband, who was paralyzed several years ago. Writing has always been her passion, and now it’s what brings light into her life. She is originally from Russia, where she worked as a TV journalist.

Jo-An is a Leo, a lioness emerging to follow her dream: to write a book of her own. As the owner of a costume shop for many years, she was able to satisfy her creative nature and allow it to flourish. She believes that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. She currently resides in California with her five cats and one husband.

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The Lamb Of God available on Amazon

The Lamb Of God is available today from Amazon for Kindle.

This is a prequel to The Path To Decay and is an introduction to the entire The Dracula Chronicles series.



The Lamb Of GodBeginning with the story of Creation and the First Great War of the Angels; the Crucifixion; and then the birth of two sons to the great Vlad Dracul, The Lamb Of God introduces you to The Dracula Chronicles and the dark world of author, Shane KP O’Neill, where he will take you on a journey unlike any other you have travelled before.

The battle for souls has raged since the truce that followed the First Great War of the Angels. God has struck the ultimate blow and sacrifice to gain the advantage and defeat His fallen angel and estranged son, Lucifer. As Lucifer stands at the foot of the Cross that drains the last ounce of life from Christ and eradicates man’s sins, he realises that his work must begin anew. In time he comes to understand that his only chance to win the battle for souls will be to destroy the institution of the Catholic Church to turn man against God, once and for all. He searches for more than a millennium for the candidate to see his plan through to an end and finally discovers the one that can cast that final blow.

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Hi everyone. After a short hiatus my Author Of The Month feature is back.  For July I am delighted to welcome another writer from the vampire genre, the excellent Greg Sisco, who has created a series entitled Blood Brothers. Greg is here to talk about the first two releases from this series, Thicker Than Water and The Wages Of Sin. Greg also has a new title out separate from this genre entitled Gunslinger P.I.

Greg SiscoGreg Sisco – Bio

There are two personality traits I can recall possessing for just about as far back as my memory will serve. The first is a love of writing and the second is a malicious sense of humour.

Since childhood, I have been the person who roots for the bad guy in movies and laughs when Bambi’s mom gets shot. I take interest in the flaws of a character far more than the heroic characteristics, which have a tendency bore me. I find humour in places I’m told I really shouldn’t.

I started writing short stories and screenplays shortly after I learned to construct a sentence and haven’t stopped since. As a high school student I wrote and shot home movies in my spare time while performing stand up comedy weekly at a talent show. I also wrote short stories with titles like Teacher Slayers (for which I am still astounded that I was not expelled).

My writing is typically bleak and violent with a fun, satirical edge that should tickle the funny-bones of anyone who is as sick as I am.

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…with everyone at Blue Harvest Creative.

Live author chat with Shane KP O’Neill

Get to know Shane and learn about his books Orchid & Bound By Blood, Volumes I and II plus have a Q&A session with the author.Time: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST  6 p.m. to 8 p.m. GMT  7 p.m. to 9 p.m. CET

Everyone who joins Shane will be entered to win an eBook of Orchid and a set of *BHC author trading cards. One prize will be awarded.

For more information on the event visit Blue Harvest Creative event page.

Dracula Author Shane KP O'NeillOrchid and Bound by Blood


I have always loved the horror genre, I mean really loved it. When I started reading books seriously in my early teens my friends and I would pass around or recommend one horror novel after another.  We all loved heavy rock music and we all loved horror novels.  Of course, in the mid-1980’s we were spoiled with both. Heavy rock was truly in its heyday and so was the horror genre.  To me they seemed to go hand in hand.  There were so many great books to choose from back then, from masters like…

  • Stephen King
  • Dean Koontz
  • Robert McCammon
  • Shaun Hutson
  • James Herbert
  • John Saul

These were just my favourites, but there were many others. And then we also had a huge catalogue of movies to keep us entertained. Times were good. Not only did we have movies that materialised from the books written by that select group above, but we had John Carpenter and Wes Craven among others feeding the monster.  On top of that we had a host of classic horror movies from previous decades featuring the likes of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price and even this was just the tip of the iceberg. I would safely say the amount of horror movies I saw in my teenage years alone must have numbered in the many hundreds.

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Tales of the black sabbath

orchidbookThe new series of horror short stories by Shane KP O’Neill is launched on Saturday, June 1st.

The Tales Of The Black Sabbath begins with Orchid which is available from Amazon US for $0.99 and Amazon UK for £0.77.


Imagine, if you will, the dread at losing the one you love – when all that you hold dear is suddenly, and inexplicably, taken from you. And then, when all seems lost and nothing can lift the darkness threatening to consume you, a stranger walks up to you and says he can restore all you have lost. What would you do? Could you resist that last glimmer of hope?

This is the dilemma facing Mark Wiseman. While standing at his wife’s graveside and looking down on her casket, a man tells him he can give her back to him. Should he let her go? Or should he accept the offer to be with his beloved once again? For such things carry a price and is it a price he is able to pay?

Featured Author: Alexandra Anthony

Alexandra AnthonyIt’s the third Monday of the month and my featured author for May is my friend, Alexandra Anthony. Alexandra is the writer of two current vampire series: My Vampire Lover and The Dark Hart Chronicles.  She lives in the American Midwest with her husband and daughter.


1. Alexandra, can you tell us who you are and why you’ve chosen this genre?

Alex: I’m a self-published author from the Midwest.  I love all things vampire and paranormal.  When I’m not writing, I home school my nine year-old daughter.

2. What is it about vampires that you find so captivating?

Alex: The fact that they are immortal creatures, frozen in time so to speak.  I also find them to be very erotic, sexual creatures.  I suppose that’s one reason I find them captivating.

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Since I began my journey as a writer I have given many interviews and featured on many different blogs.  There has been one in particular that I have wanted to appear on and my wish was realised last week when my friend, Emma Edwards, stepped in for Wiz and interviewed me at the Cauldron.  Of course, Wiz added his finishing touches to make it my favourite interview to date.  Here’s what happened…..

You have published two volumes of The Dracula Chronicles so far, what is next for the series?

Yes I began with Bound By Blood which I broke into Volume 1 & 2 and released together.  This is not the beginning of the series, but the first one where readers will see Dracula the vampire.  I felt it necessary to begin with the vampire first.  In the summer I intend to release the very first book in the series, The Path To Decay.This goes back to the night of Dracula’s birth and of course, the birth of his brother, Andrei; sired by the same father but born in very different circumstances.

Read the full interview here at The Wizards Cauldron


On Monday 29/04/2013 I make my second appearance on BlogTalk Radio as the guest of Joseph Aquilino on his Author Nook show.  Below is the link to the Facebook event that gives all the details of how you can tune in.  You can even listen directly from your own website.  The show airs at 14:45 EST which is 19:45for UK listeners and 20:45 for people in Europe.  I hope you can join me.

Find out how more about the event here


I’ve been giving this subject a lot of thought as it is one that concerns every writer; be it the writer sitting at #1 in the NYT bestseller lists or the person self-publishing a book that no one knows about outside of their immediate circle of influence.

We each have our own style of writing and methods of expression, yet there is a literary Stasi who say we have to conform to certain rules and styles.  One of my favourite writers, James Herbert, was unapologetic in his style and rightly so.  A writer is within his/her rights to adopt whichever style they wish.  No one has to read it if they don’t want to.  Perhaps the point being made here is that unless we conform to the machinations of the literary Stasi then they will harangue us publicly until no one wants to read our work.  They have done this to E.L. James though I don’t think it has harmed her sales any.

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Fang-tastic Books Interview with Shane KP O Neill 26.11.2012

On November 26th 2012, I was featured on the Fang-tastic Books blog and interviewed by Roxanne Rhoads. For those who missed it, I have posted the full interview below.


Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and what inspired to write in this particular genre?

My name is Shane O’Neill. I am originally from Ireland, but live now in Norway.  My project is The Dracula Chronicles, an epic new angle on the Dracula legend.  Remembering back to when I was a teenager, my friends and I were always reading and passing around books written in the horror genre.  This would include works by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert, John Saul, Shaun Hutson etc.  It followed then that this was the genre I wanted to write in as well.  The horror genre has always captured people’s imagination, be it in book form or on the big screen.  Girls like to be scared and have a reason to lean into their guys.  Their guys like the chance to be there to protect and comfort them, as well as being scared themselves.  There will always be a market and a great interest in this genre, and I love it.

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Michael Brookes Feature

The Cult Of MeIt is author of the month time and my featured author in the horror genre for the month of April is Michael Brookes from the UK.  Michael has penned a very interesting-looking chiller called The Cult Of Me and a collection of horror short stories titled The Odd Quartet.

Michael Brookes:

By day I work as a Producer for one of the leading UK independent game developers. I currently live in probably the flattest place in the world in the east of England, although over the years I have lived all over the country. I’ve always been interested in writing it is only recently that I’ve really pushed myself to finish a complete book. That effort has now seen the light of day and I’m looking forward to starting the next book. I’m also an avid reader with Ian M Banks and Terry Pratchett being amongst my favourite modern authors. My favourite story of all time is Paradise Lost, a hard read, but a sublime story.

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Luke Romyn Feature

In the tradition I have followed here on my blog, I am delighted to do a special feature on fellow author, Luke Romyn. This is unlike my usual monthly feature where I interview a fellow Indie author from the horror genre here on my blog. I wanted to do this so I could showcase two reviews I have written for two of Luke’s books.

I have to say, with the exception of a few great writers, I rarely leave my comfort zone and read books outside my genre and I do read a lot. Therefore it was very exciting to discover another writer in my genre of the quality of Luke Romyn. And not only is he a great talent, he is a really nice guy too. So it gives me great pleasure to feature him here today.

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